The Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument in New Mexico

June 24, 2014 in Blog

"Gila Cliff Dwellings" Gila "national park" "new mexico"The Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument lies in the mountainous desert almost five hours west of Cloudcroft. Located near the Morgollon Historic District in Catron County, the Gila is a fascinating look into some of New Mexico’s earliest inhabitants, a tribe of the Mogollon peoples who populated the southwestern United states and northern Mexico.

Thought to have been occupied for around 25 years at the turn of the 14th century, the dwellings were originally formed in the face of the cliffs from volcanic activity, behind thick growths of trees. They provided good shelter, the five caves having been built into 46 rooms; the nearby woods also concealed the dwellings from potentially dangerous passerby. Today, the monument is accessible by hiking about a mile up a trail; you’ll also find a museum and visitor’s center.

"gila cliff dwellings" gila cave "new Mexico"While a five hour drive from Cloudcroft is kind of intimidating, the Mogollon Mountains and Gila River areas offer plenty of other hiking opportunities, as well as more ancient Amerindian sites and river rafting—if you’re staying in Cloudcroft (say at Spruce Cabins, for example) for a week, spending a couple days exploring the sites in the Gila Wilderness is a great addition to a summer vacation in southern New Mexico.

Cloudcroft’s July Jamboree

July 7, 2013 in Blog

You might be surprised to find that a little town such as Cloudcroft has plenty to do during the summer—besides a host of outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and climbing, the town itself has a shopping and dining, plus the Light Opera Company, which regularly puts on fun melodramas for the community. The Light Opera Company will be performing during the July Jamboree on July 14 and 15.

"july amboree" "cloudcroft new mexico" "new mexico" vacationThe July Jamboree is a fun arts and crafts fair that brings over 60 artisans to Zenith Park. Families can browse the artists’ booths for new handicrafts and artistic endeavors, not to mention some yummy July Jamboree food! The July Jamboree is another reason to come hang out in the mountains of southern New Mexico, not to mention weather that’s comparatively cooler during the day, while dropping into the 60s and even 50s at night. It’s a nice change when you’ve been suffering the heat of a place like Texas or Arizona.

Whether you come for a weekend when Cloudcroft has a community event or not, our town is a great little respite from big city hassles and hot summer temps, and you’ll appreciate the rejuvenating quality of walking through a mountain meadow or sitting on a deck on a cool evening. Take some vacation time and spend it with us this summer!