Spring Break in Cloudcroft is for Nature Lovers

March 2, 2015 in Blog

Get out of the city and commune with Mother Nature. Cloudcroft, New Mexico, is the ideal spring break destination for nature lovers. You can spend your spring break vacation in a lovely, rustic cabin and enjoy mountain biking, hiking and other outdoor activities in nearby Lincoln "spring break"National Forest.

Lincoln National Forest

Cloudcroft is located just a short drive from the Sacramento Ranger District of Lincoln National Forest. There are more than 548,800 acres for you to explore.

This forest district also is home to Douglas fir, Ponderosa pine, aspen and oak trees; a variety of birds; Blue Columbine, Alpine Daisy, Penstemon and Larkspur wild flowers; and wildlife such as white-tailed deer, black bears and Rocky Mountain elk.

Hiking Trails

Sacramento Ranger District of Lincoln National Forest has a large variety of hiking trails. Many of the trails are ideal for day-hiking and backpacking. They range in length and difficulty from the easy 1.4-mile Sunspot Trail to the difficult 7.3-mile long Alamo Canyon Trail.

Click for a map of Sacramento Ranger District hiking trails.

Take a Scenic Drive

Photographers will love the opportunity to take pictures of the beautiful nature scenery in and around Cloudcroft and the Lincoln National Forest.

"cloudcroft railroad" vacation trails Cloudcroft "new mexico"As you drive along U.S. 82, northwest of Cloudcroft you’ll see the Mexican Canyon Trestle. This historic railroad trestle is the largest of its kind. Take a picnic and spend the day at the Trestle Recreation Area. There are day-hiking trails, as well as picnic tables and restroom facilities.

Other areas such as Mexican Canyon Trestle, Haynes, Cathey and Nelson Canyon Vistas have stunning views.

Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers will love spending spring break in Cloudcroft. There are more than 8 miles of trails just north of Cloudcroft. You can also try mountain biking trails such as the Old Cloudcroft Highway Trail or Apple Tree Canyon Trail in Lincoln National Forest.

Vacation Rentals

The best part of spending spring break in Cloudcroft is that after a day of hiking and mountain biking, you can return to a comfortable cabin, like Whispering Pines for a hot bath and dinner.

Nature lovers will love staying at Cloudcroft’s Spruce Cabins in the Lincoln National Forest. These cozy mountain cabins are available in sizes suited for couples or a group or family.

Cabin #4 sleeps up to four people, with a queen-size sofa sleeper, a bedroom with a queen bed and a 3/4 bath. The cabin also has a full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove and dishes and pots and pans, as well as cable TV, microwave, coffee maker, an iron and ironing board.

Contact Amigo Realty for more information about spring break vacation rentals in Cloudcroft, New Mexico.

Natural Allergy Remedies for Spring

March 7, 2014 in Blog

Easily the best part of March in New Mexico is the advent of spring; the weather might not totally change, but all the animals and flowers that have been waiting out winter’s cold start to stir. Of course, along with the spring flora and fauna comes dander, pollen and cloudcroft "new mexico" flower springother allergens. Unless the wildlife moves into your home, the furry part of nature probably isn’t making you sneeze, but the plants sure do—then you’re off to the pharmacy for allergy medicine.

Sometimes, however, the side effects of allergy tables the like are nearly as annoying as the allergens. Either they make you sleepy or they make your heart race. Your nose might not run, but the itchy over-dryness of your nasal passages and throat aren’t much better. If you have trouble with over the counter allergy remedies, you might want to give natural ones a try.

Of course, unless you’re out picking herbs, the natural remedies are still over the counter, but they’re worth trying if you hate the way most antihistamines make you feel. Butterbur is probably the best researched and most effective natural antihistamine. Its primary selling point is that it doesn’t cause the sleepiness of Benadryl or Zyrtec, while still reducing the nasal swelling common to allergy attacks. The preparation is made butterbur allergy cloudcroft "new mexico"from the plants root, but don’t ever eat raw, unprocessed Butterbur root as it is harmful. You can find it as a supplement at most health food stores—just make sure it’s labeled UPA-free.

Spring is one of the most wonderful times in Cloudcroft, as the weather change and frisky critters make good reasons to spend time outdoors. You don’t want to miss out on nature’s awakening because of the sneezes and sniffles, and natural aids like butterbur can make a huge difference.

The Checkerspot Butterfly in Cloudcroft

April 12, 2013 in Blog

Even though the weather isn’t exactly shorts-and-t-shirt temps yet, spring is definitely in the air, as the wildlife (particularly the birds and bugs) have awakened from winter and are busily doing what they do. Combined with the spectacular scenery of southern New Mexico, the local critters make hiking the Sacramento Mountain trails a key activity, should you vacation in Cloudcroft in the spring and summer.

"checkerspot butterfly" "new mexico" cloudcroft wildlifeFrom a variety of over 200 different birds (like the pygmy nuthatch robin and several types of finches) to deer, raccoons, skunks, and even bears, you’re likely to encounter many furry and feathered acquaintances. While you should never feed the wildlife (they’re pretty good at finding their own food, despite what they might try to get you to believe), keep your distance and take a picture.

One particular creature you’ll want to capture on film or digital memory is wildlife. The checkerspot is endemic to a single patch of forest, about 30 miles square; this is the only place in the world where this butterfly lives. Like most butterflies, this one feeds on and pollinates plants, and it’s partial to sneezeweed. However, it only lays eggs on the New Mexico penstemon, which only grows in the Sacramento and Capitan mountains. In other words, Cloudcroft is basically the only place where you can see these rare insects.

"new mexico" cloudcroft As you may imagine, these butterflies are in danger of extinction, and Otero County has created a conservation program with the Fish and Wildlife Service to help the species continue and thrive. As such, you should be aware while you’re tramping through the meadows and forests around Cloudcroft that you could encounter an endangered species. Be careful not to harm them, but should you find one landing on your shoulder or resting on a flower (the checkerspot has a beautiful orange, brown, and white pattern on its wings), be sure to snap a pic. If you use Instagram, tag it with #checkerspotbutterfly and #cloudcroft—we love seeing pictures of the things that make living here really special!

Easter Weekend in Cloudcroft New Mexico

March 28, 2013 in Blog

Do you ever drive through small, one-stoplight towns and wonder what it’s like to be a kid in those places? Cloudcroft, New Mexico might be a one of those little spots off the road, but there’s no doubt about it—we have plenty of kids who live here, and there’s plenty for them to do, especially on Easter weekend.

"new mexico" cloudcroft easter This Easter weekend, for example, is the annual Kiwanis Club Easter Egg Hunt held at Zenith Park. The Kiwanis will be laying a thousand eggs all over Zenith park, waiting for eager little ones to find them. The event kicks off at 10am, and there will be lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny—even Smokey the Bear is going to be there! If the kiddos don’t get their fill of scrambling for Easter eggs on Saturday at the Kiwanis’ event, the Lodge has its own Easter egg hunt on Sunday, starting with Easter brunch at "new mexico" cloudcroft easter "the lodge"the resort’s restaurant, Rebecca’s, where the Easter Bunny will make a special appearance. Then at 1:30, the Easter egg hunt kicks off, and there will prizes awarded to the kids who find secret, special eggs.

All in all, Easter weekend is just one of the many fun things for children in our little mountain village. Cloudcroft might be a small town, but growing up here offers lots of rich experiences—if you and your family want to check it out, please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to show you around, and hopefully find a place for you to set down some roots!

New Mexico’s Natural Beauty

February 1, 2013 in Blog

"new mexico" spring vacation cloudcroftAs much as we love winter here in Cloudcroft, we’re always glad to see spring when it finally starts to come alive in March. If you’re a nature lover, Cloudcroft and the surrounding Sacramento Mountains area of Southern New Mexico are simply spectacular in spring, exploding in a riot of birdsong and color. It’s part of why all of us at Amigo Realty love our job—getting folks closer to New Mexico’s natural beauty is one of our passions.

One of the most beautiful places near Cloudcroft is the waterfall at Bluff Springs. Found amid the meadows surrounding Willie White Spur Trail, the Bluff Spring waterfall’s natural appeal is only matched by the serenity you experience from "bluff springs" "new mexico" vacation cloudcroftsoaking in the sun and listening to the water rush over the bluff. Fed by mountain snow runoff, the Bluff Springs waterfall runs all summer long. It’s a great spot for a break from your hiking adventure, and there are picnic benches overlooking the falls if you’ve brought a lunch (just please please please remember to leave the little park area the way you found it).

Is it too early to be thinking about the spring and summer? Maybe it just depends on how much you like winter. Regardless of the season, Bluff Springs is just one of many natural treasures hidden in Southern New Mexico. If you’d like to spend some time hunting for them, talk to us about a place to stay!

Memorial Day Celebrations

May 23, 2012 in Blog

"memorial day"

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and with it is Cloudcroft’s annual Mayfair! On May 26th and 27th, just about everyone in town (not to mention many more folks from all over) heads to Zenith Park for two days of art, food, and fun. If the weather guessers got close this week, we should have some great temps in the ‘70s; I guess it’s just another perk of mountain living—when spring rolls around, you get spring temps! In any event, I’m just glad our little community has such a fun event every year to look forward to.

What’s really interesting to me is that people come to Mayfair from miles around—even from as far away as Santa Fe and El Paso. Sure, they’re probably relatives visiting for the weekend, but I like to think that Cloudcroft and the Sacramento mountains offer these out-of-"cloudcroft new mexico" "cloudcroft in the spring"town visitors a great vacation destination; after all, Cloudcroft was founded in part because of its scenery, and taking in the sights on a gorgeous spring weekend might make it tough to leave.

If you are from out-of-town and find yourself falling in love with our little village, get in touch with us, because we’d love to welcome you into our community and show you some real estate.

Happy Memorial Day!

Spring is in Full Swing in the Mountains

April 8, 2012 in Blog

"hummingbird" cloudcroft new mexicoOne of my favorite things about the small-town life in mountain country is the wildlife, and now that spring is in swing, the birds, bees, bugs and everything else that’s been hiding out all winter are all busy living. Heading to the mountains amid all that beautiful flora and fauna is a great way to relax and recharge, and if you’re a bird watcher, Cloudcroft is a haven for your hobby.

New Mexico has over 520 different species of birds, and you can find many of them in and around Cloudcroft. From grosbeaks finches to warblers to pygmy nuthatch robins, Cloudcroft practically rings with birdsong. It also hums with the tiny wings of hummingbirds—these brightly colored little guys are all over the place, and if you don’t have a feeder or some flowers near your window, you’re really missing out on a lot of visits from some beautiful birds. Our friends at The Bird House have some cute bird houses, and they’re pretty easy to make on your own—in fact, building a bird "the bird house" cloudcroft new mexico birdshouse makes for a fun family project, especially if you’re spending a weekend or week at a vacation cabin with the kids or grandkids. When you live and play in a small town, the little things are what really make it worth it, whether it’s the buzz of bees in a flower garden or the flashy aerobatics of a hummingbird at your window. Come visit Cloudcroft and see how nature makes our little town such a great little secret!