Fishing in New Mexico

June 4, 2014 in Blog

People often associate fishing with places in Colorado or up north in Idaho, but here in southern New Mexico, we are blessed with several good spots for angling. The biggest variety of fish can be found in Brantley Lake near Carlsbad, but even closer to Cloudcroft, fly fishers have opportunities to test their skill (and luck)."brantely lake" "new mexico" fishing

Brantley Lake, created from an impoundment of the Pecos River, is a catch-and-release only zone, but you’re likely to catch some pretty big catfish, crappie, walleye, and bluegill. The upper parts of the lake are good spots to catch largemouth and white bass, as well "new mexico" fishingas catfish. Near Cloudcroft, steer your fishing excursion to Rio Penasco. The Penasco is a spring creek on private land, where the water is a trout-friendly temperature between 52 and 60 degrees all year round, and its full of wild rainbow and brown trouts, some of which can reach 20 inches in length! Several tour companies provide access to the fishing. Near Ruidoso, the Ruidoso River provides a viable fishing spot if the water level is decent; currently it’s suffering from drought. Grindstone Lake and Bonito Lake are currently closed to fishing due to water quality issues.

If you’re taking a vacation in Cloudcroft to “play outside,” a trip to a southern New Mexico fishing destination is a great idea. Pack your rod and grab your bait!

New Mexico’s Craft Beer

May 13, 2014 in Blog

"new mexico" "craft beer" beerThese days, you can hardly throw an empty beer can without hitting a craft-beer enthusiast. Craft beer mania is in full swing across the country, and it’s incredibly popular in the Land of Enchantment. New Mexico boasts nearly 40 independent breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms; while most can be found in and around Albuquerque, others are scattered throughout the far reaches of the state. Even Deming and Farmington have craft breweries!

"santa fe" beer "craft beer" New Mexico’s first foray into independently-brewed beer came in 1988 when Santa Fe Brewing Company opened its doors; nowadays, you can find its beers all across the country. In state, Santa Fe beers, like its Happy Camper IPA are hugely popular; connoisseurs also look for beers from outfits like Tractor in Los Lunas, Blue Heron in Embudo, and Turtle Mountain in Rio Rancho.

If you’re interested in taking a “brew-cation”, has a handy New Mexico “ale trail” map. Sometimes a trip to the beach, the mountains, or a big city is a great way to spend a week, but a vacation spent drinking hand-crafted beers is pretty awesome, too!

ET’s Home in the Land of Enchantment

April 27, 2014 in Blog

"New Mexico" "land of enchantment"As everyone knows, New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment. From stunning vistas of the southwestern desert to the gypsum crystals that give White Sands its name, our great state is full of natural treasures. Of course, there are also the aliens, most famously the ones who supposedly crash landed near Roswell in 1947. Whether or not they were real is anyone’s guess, one famous alien creature really did find its way to New Mexico soil, though he himself was a fictional character. We’re talking about E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the star of Steven Spielberg’s 1982 blockbuster.

And actually, E.T. didn’t actually make it here, but most of the unsold copies of a video game based on the movie did. Famed video game company Atari released an E.T. game after the movie in 1983, thinking it could capitalize on the film’s runaway success, but the resulting product was terrible, and Atari decided to take it off toy store shelves.

ET Alamogordo atariOne day in the fall of ’83, the Alamogordo Daily News reported between 10 and 20 truckloads of the game were transported to an Alamogordo landfill for disposal. The site was chosen because excavation of the landfill was prohibited, and its refuse was crushed nightly.

Thirty years later, the city gave a Canadian entertainment company a six month window to dig up the landfill in order to produce a documentary; on April 26, 2014, the digging began. Hopefully they found more concrete evidence that these “aliens” were actually there!

Spruce Cabins Cloudcroft Photo Contest

April 1, 2014 in Blog

"spruce cabins" cloudcroft "new mexico"Besides our vacation houses available for rent, we also operate the Spruce Cabins, a set of full-apportioned cabins near Cloudcroft’s Chamber of Commerce. They make for a fun place for you and your family to stay, because they’re within walking distance of Cloudcroft’s shopping and dining options, and they’re also close to a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to hunting and hiking. For more than fifty years, these cabins have been a well-known and well-regarded stop for travelers and vacationers alike.

This month, Spruce Cabins is running a photo contest to win a two-night stay in one of their cabins, and we’re excited to help them out. In order to enter, you need only “like” Spruce Cabins on Facebook, and then share and tag Spruce Cabins in a picture of you or your family members in or around Cloudcroft. Whether you’re having fun, doing something silly or amazing, or marveling at the surrounding natural beauty, we want to "spruce cabins" cloudcroft "new mexico"see you enjoying our little mountain village.

A stay in the Spruce Cabins is great for out-of-town friends or relatives, as well as people who have visited in the past—rekindle the memories of your last trip in a village landmark! And while you’re at it, feel free to give Amigo Realty’s Facebook page a “like.” We’d love to meet you too, especially if you like Cloudcroft enough to stay!

Cloudcroft New Mexico goes wild for Mardi Gras

February 22, 2014 in Blog

It might be hard to believe, but our little mountain town of Cloudcroft, New Meixco goes wild for Mardi Gras. Okay, maybe not that wild, "mardi gras" "cloudcroft" "new mexico"but the annual celebration is something our community looks forward to, and this year is no different. We might not be getting crazy like they do in New Orleans, but for a little village in southern New Mexico, we have a pretty good time.

Taking place over the weekend of February 28th, 2014, the Cloudcroft’s annual Mardi Gras in the Clouds celebration is full of things to do. Friday kicks off with an introduction of the 2013 Mardi Gras king and queen at 2pm, and then the 2014 “Monster Mash” theme gets rolling with live music and a spicy Cajun cooking contest. Saturday’s festivities begin in the morning: at 10am, as “Burro-bon St.” merchants will be open, and Cajun cuisine will be served. The rest of the day features the parade, "mardi gras" "new mexico" cloudcroftmore live bands, a parade float trophy presentation and the “king dance” and costume competition. Then on Sunday, in addition to the Burro Ave celebration, there will be the second annual battle of the bands in the Mardi Gras tent from 11-5, where area bands compete for a cash prize!

Our annual Mardi Gras celebration is a fun and family-friendly event, making Mardi Gras one of the best weekends to visit Cloudcroft. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

White Sands New Mexico Full Moon

February 17, 2014 in Blog

If there’s one thing that never ceases to be awe-inspiring, it’s a full moon. Here in southern New Mexico, where the artificial lights are few "full moon" "white sands"and vistas are spectacular, a full moon night is a truly amazing experience. If you’ve ever gazed at the night sky and breathed in the crisp mountain air, you know what we’re talking about. Of course, a full moon is best when the weather is nice and the sky is clear, so the full moons in May, June, July, August, September, and October are particularly worth getting away from the city lights.

The National Park Service offers full moon hikes at White Sands; this year, they fall on May 13, June 11, July 11, August 9, September 7, and October 7. Imagine the "full moon" "white sands"moonlight glittering off the sand as you walk over the landmarks famous dunes—it’s almost surreal, like you’re visiting a science fiction landscape, with the moon looking down on you from a blanket of black velvet sky and millions of stars.

Unlike the infinite reaches of the heavens, space at the White Sands Full Moon Hikes is limited; registration opens about a month ahead of time, so be sure to set a calendar reminder to book early. For more information and to register for a particular hike, go here: . A White Sands Full Moon Hike is but one amazing experiences to be had while visiting Cloudcroft and southern New Mexico. Come visit the mountains for a week when the weather warms up—you’ll find plenty of fun things to do, even if the full moon hike is full. Be sure to check their Facebook for more information!

October is One of the Best to Vacation in Cloudcroft

October 14, 2013 in Blog

How’s your fall so far? Along with the seasonal changes to the scenery (falling leaves, people wearing sweaters), fall in Cloudcroft is Cloudcroft fall "new mexico"marked by a busy month for town events—we’ve already had the art festival, and the High Rolls Apple Festival is this weekend, and everyone’s favorite trick-or-treat alternative, Harvestfest is on the 26th. In fact, October is one of the best months to vacation in Cloudcroft, on account of the various happenings throughout the month, not to mention fantastic weather, when there’s a chill in the air but no snow.

The High Rolls Apple Festival, held in nearby High Rolls on October 19-20, is a fun outing for the family. It’s also delicious, as festival-goers can sample apple products to their hearts content. Besides plenty of cider and other treats, the Festival also has children’s activities and arts and crafts for sale. It’s a fun event for the whole family, and a great way to spend a morning—you’ll "high rolls" apple festival fallwant to get there early in the morning too; the parking is free, but the spots fill up!

After you’ve browsed the festival, head up Highway 82 to the Old Apple Barn for lunch. High Rolls is another little gem of a town in southern New Mexico, and the Old Apple Barn is one of its highlights. Besides apple stuff, treat yourself to their delicious gourmet fudge, or grab one of their tasty Sheboygan bratwursts or smoked elk sausage dogs. There’s a gift shop full of fun knickknacks, and you can even bring home a bag of local coffee beans. Whether you stop by the Festival or hang around town, the fall in southern New Mexico is a beautiful time of year to visit, and annual events like the High Rolls Apple Festival will make your stay in Cloudcroft even sweeter!

Stargazing in the Mountains of Southern New Mexico

September 10, 2013 in Blog

“The stars at night, are big and bright…” You can probably finish that line, right? While Texas apparently has good visibility of the night sky according to an old song, we’d just as soon look at the night sky from our own backyards. Cloudcroft’s visibility is so great that you can see the Milky Way galaxy with the naked eye on most clear nights. It’s truly an amazing experience no matter how old you are.

"milky way" stars astronomy "New Mexico"Of course, if you see the night sky above Cloudcroft when you’re a little kid, it is the kind of sight that will stay with you your entire life. Visiting the mountains of southern New Mexico is a great fall vacation idea, and introducing your kids to the wonders of the heavens when they can actually see a dizzying array of constellations without the light pollution common to big cities is a wonderful part of heading to Cloudcroft. While telescopes are certainly useful and fun for kids to operate (once they learn to be careful with all those little knobs and such), the visibility in Cloudcroft makes them a nice option, rather than a necessity. However, a book on identifying the constellations or an iPad app for the same is definitely helpful.

Cloudcroft is full of fun things to do outdoors during the day, and at night, stargazing makes for a fascinating activity that truly captures one’s imagination. And who knows? If you and your kids spend the weekend in Cloudcroft, maybe one of them will point to that trip as the moment she knew she was going to have a career in science!

New Mexico Green Chile

August 19, 2013 in Blog

One of our relatives who lives in Texas asked us recently if Hatch chiles were the “national export of New Mexico.” We kind of laughed, "new mexico" chile "green chile"but if there’s one thing people outside New Mexico associate our state with (besides “enchantment” and turquoise jewelry, probably), it’s those delicious green chile peppers that have made the town to the west of Cloudcroft kind of famous.

Hatch Green Chiles are named for the Hatch Valley, which includes Hatch, a town of less than 2,000 people, located in Dona Ana County, about two hours away. From the valley, these tasty green chiles are available throughout the Southwest, though growers market them for export further afield. While most people are familiar with their green hue, Hatch chile peppers turn red if left to ripen. Additionally, their flavor is commonly thought to be mild to moderately spicy, but some varieties are hotter than jalapenos.

And while the peppers carry the name of the Hatch Valley, you could also just as accurately call them New Mexico State University Peppers (Aggie peppers?), because most of the varieties have been developed by the "green chile" "new mexico" chile "new mexico state"school’s agriculture department over some 130 years. We’ll keep calling them Hatch Green Chiles for the foreseeable future—it’s a lot easier to tell out-of-staters about.

If you’re visiting southern New Mexico for Labor Day weekend, the town of Hatch has a pepper festival that’s a lot of fun. Featuring chile eating contests, ballet folklorico and mariachi, plus lots more music, food and games, it’s a great way to spend one of your Labor Day weekend days before returning to your cabin or vacation rental house in Cloudcroft. We have plenty of green chiles this time of year, too!

Cloudcroft’s July Jamboree

July 7, 2013 in Blog

You might be surprised to find that a little town such as Cloudcroft has plenty to do during the summer—besides a host of outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and climbing, the town itself has a shopping and dining, plus the Light Opera Company, which regularly puts on fun melodramas for the community. The Light Opera Company will be performing during the July Jamboree on July 14 and 15.

"july amboree" "cloudcroft new mexico" "new mexico" vacationThe July Jamboree is a fun arts and crafts fair that brings over 60 artisans to Zenith Park. Families can browse the artists’ booths for new handicrafts and artistic endeavors, not to mention some yummy July Jamboree food! The July Jamboree is another reason to come hang out in the mountains of southern New Mexico, not to mention weather that’s comparatively cooler during the day, while dropping into the 60s and even 50s at night. It’s a nice change when you’ve been suffering the heat of a place like Texas or Arizona.

Whether you come for a weekend when Cloudcroft has a community event or not, our town is a great little respite from big city hassles and hot summer temps, and you’ll appreciate the rejuvenating quality of walking through a mountain meadow or sitting on a deck on a cool evening. Take some vacation time and spend it with us this summer!