Natural Allergy Remedies for Spring

March 7, 2014 in Blog

Easily the best part of March in New Mexico is the advent of spring; the weather might not totally change, but all the animals and flowers that have been waiting out winter’s cold start to stir. Of course, along with the spring flora and fauna comes dander, pollen and cloudcroft "new mexico" flower springother allergens. Unless the wildlife moves into your home, the furry part of nature probably isn’t making you sneeze, but the plants sure do—then you’re off to the pharmacy for allergy medicine.

Sometimes, however, the side effects of allergy tables the like are nearly as annoying as the allergens. Either they make you sleepy or they make your heart race. Your nose might not run, but the itchy over-dryness of your nasal passages and throat aren’t much better. If you have trouble with over the counter allergy remedies, you might want to give natural ones a try.

Of course, unless you’re out picking herbs, the natural remedies are still over the counter, but they’re worth trying if you hate the way most antihistamines make you feel. Butterbur is probably the best researched and most effective natural antihistamine. Its primary selling point is that it doesn’t cause the sleepiness of Benadryl or Zyrtec, while still reducing the nasal swelling common to allergy attacks. The preparation is made butterbur allergy cloudcroft "new mexico"from the plants root, but don’t ever eat raw, unprocessed Butterbur root as it is harmful. You can find it as a supplement at most health food stores—just make sure it’s labeled UPA-free.

Spring is one of the most wonderful times in Cloudcroft, as the weather change and frisky critters make good reasons to spend time outdoors. You don’t want to miss out on nature’s awakening because of the sneezes and sniffles, and natural aids like butterbur can make a huge difference.