You Fish for Fishing in New Mexico

October 9, 2014 in Blog

"silver springs" trout fishing "new mexico"I learned how to fish in New Mexico from my dad. We didn’t have anything fancy, nor did we go to a stocked pond. I grew up in the country and Mr. Nevill gave us free reign to go exploring and using his land as long as we didn’t spook the cows. Dad bought me a cheap rod and reel from a local sporting goods store, and we carried a small under-equipped tackle box, a shovel to look for worms, and a cooler filled with Dr. Pepper. In all the times that we ventured out there over five or six years, I think we actually caught about three fish. I didn’t really care about the catch though. As a wise man once said, you don’t fish for fish. You fish for fishing.

Catching a lot of fish or hauling in one great dinner satisfies the serious fisherman, but for all of the rest of us the activity is an excuse to relax, share a good time with friends or family, and enjoy the water.

cloudcroft fall "new mexico"Silver Springs Trout Pond has plenty of pond to go around, and it’s stocked with fresh trout. This means they offer great family time on the lake, which is my fond memory, but they have also greatly increased your chances of coming home with dinner.

Silver Springs cares about getting you out to the lake, no matter your skill level. They charge seveny-five cents to cast into the water, and your catches are only sixth-five cents an inch. To make the outing even more enticing, the employees will clean and bag your fish for you. Just take them your catches, and they’ll you home ready for the grill.

Anytime of year is perfect for fishing, but Fall in New Mexico might be our favorite. With the leaves changing color in Cloudcroft right now, it truly is the best time to enjoy our beautiful southern New Mexico home outside!