Where to Stay During Hunting Season in Cloudcroft New Mexico

November 7, 2014 in Blog

hunting cloudcroft "new mexico"And just like that, hunting season has begun with a “BANG”! If you’re anything like me, this is my favorite time of year. This is a time to leave the busy, hectic hustle and bustle of big city living and return to nature. It’s time to regain our innermost senses, time to feel like a human once again and rely on our most primitive instincts and impulses. The meat fridge in your garage has once again become bare and it’s up to you to fill it back up. I have a feeling you’re not planning on calling Sam the Butcher to do the job for you! Heck no, he could never supply you with the quality non-gmo injected meat that a healthy free-roaming animal could provide. No meat supplier could ever give you the joy and satisfaction offered by successfully hunting an animal on your own."new mexico" hunting cloudcroft

If you already have your tags and license ready, there’s only one thing more you need. That one thing is a place to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the days hunt while you’re out here in God’s country. No rinky-dink, 30-minute drive Holiday-Inn is going to do it for you either. You are going to need something close… really close. Look at it this way, you’re getting up before the crack of dawn anyway, do you want to wake up even earlier and drive for 15 or more minutes before you even start your hike into the brush? The Spruce Cabins in Cloudcroft, NM is your ideal spot for keeping your mind on your hunt while enjoying all the simple comforts that are necessary. I’ve found that I can reach all my favorite spots around the Lincoln National Park with ease in just a matter of minutes from the cabins. Book your next stay with Spruce and be sure to send us a picture of your next trophy!

You Fish for Fishing in New Mexico

October 9, 2014 in Blog

"silver springs" trout fishing "new mexico"I learned how to fish in New Mexico from my dad. We didn’t have anything fancy, nor did we go to a stocked pond. I grew up in the country and Mr. Nevill gave us free reign to go exploring and using his land as long as we didn’t spook the cows. Dad bought me a cheap rod and reel from a local sporting goods store, and we carried a small under-equipped tackle box, a shovel to look for worms, and a cooler filled with Dr. Pepper. In all the times that we ventured out there over five or six years, I think we actually caught about three fish. I didn’t really care about the catch though. As a wise man once said, you don’t fish for fish. You fish for fishing.

Catching a lot of fish or hauling in one great dinner satisfies the serious fisherman, but for all of the rest of us the activity is an excuse to relax, share a good time with friends or family, and enjoy the water.

cloudcroft fall "new mexico"Silver Springs Trout Pond has plenty of pond to go around, and it’s stocked with fresh trout. This means they offer great family time on the lake, which is my fond memory, but they have also greatly increased your chances of coming home with dinner.

Silver Springs cares about getting you out to the lake, no matter your skill level. They charge seveny-five cents to cast into the water, and your catches are only sixth-five cents an inch. To make the outing even more enticing, the employees will clean and bag your fish for you. Just take them your catches, and they’ll you home ready for the grill.

Anytime of year is perfect for fishing, but Fall in New Mexico might be our favorite. With the leaves changing color in Cloudcroft right now, it truly is the best time to enjoy our beautiful southern New Mexico home outside!

October is One of the Best to Vacation in Cloudcroft

October 14, 2013 in Blog

How’s your fall so far? Along with the seasonal changes to the scenery (falling leaves, people wearing sweaters), fall in Cloudcroft is Cloudcroft fall "new mexico"marked by a busy month for town events—we’ve already had the art festival, and the High Rolls Apple Festival is this weekend, and everyone’s favorite trick-or-treat alternative, Harvestfest is on the 26th. In fact, October is one of the best months to vacation in Cloudcroft, on account of the various happenings throughout the month, not to mention fantastic weather, when there’s a chill in the air but no snow.

The High Rolls Apple Festival, held in nearby High Rolls on October 19-20, is a fun outing for the family. It’s also delicious, as festival-goers can sample apple products to their hearts content. Besides plenty of cider and other treats, the Festival also has children’s activities and arts and crafts for sale. It’s a fun event for the whole family, and a great way to spend a morning—you’ll "high rolls" apple festival fallwant to get there early in the morning too; the parking is free, but the spots fill up!

After you’ve browsed the festival, head up Highway 82 to the Old Apple Barn for lunch. High Rolls is another little gem of a town in southern New Mexico, and the Old Apple Barn is one of its highlights. Besides apple stuff, treat yourself to their delicious gourmet fudge, or grab one of their tasty Sheboygan bratwursts or smoked elk sausage dogs. There’s a gift shop full of fun knickknacks, and you can even bring home a bag of local coffee beans. Whether you stop by the Festival or hang around town, the fall in southern New Mexico is a beautiful time of year to visit, and annual events like the High Rolls Apple Festival will make your stay in Cloudcroft even sweeter!

Cloudcroft Fall Harvest Fest

October 14, 2012 in Blog

Well, the leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping, and before too long, we’ll see the first flakes of snow. Before Cloudcroft Cloudcroft Fall Harvest Fest turns into a charming little winter hamlet (like you’d find in a snowglobe, perhaps), it’s celebrating fall with the Fall Harvest Fest Saturday, October 27. It’s a good alternative to Halloween for younger children, especially since Halloween falls on a weeknight this year.

This event is a spooktacular day of family fun, and if you have kids, you definitely don’t want to miss it. Even if you don’t have any little ones putting on costumes, the event will be a hoot for everyone, as the Nivision library is showcasing carved and decorated pumpkins at 1pm, followed by a costume contest and parade on Burro Avenue at 3p. We can’t wait to see what the most popular Halloween costume is—we have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of little Avengers out there. Of course, you can’t celebrate Halloween in Cloudcroft without trick or treating, so Burro Avenue will turn into a veritable candy depot from 4-6p for all the little super-heroes, monsters, and other things that go bump (and shout “Trick-or-treat”) in the night.

Cloudcroft New Mexico FallOur favorite part of the Fall Harvest Festival? The 17th Annual Great Pumpkin Race! Amateurs, semi-pros and pros will compete for prizes by rolling pumpkins down a hill. It’s as hilarious as it sounds, and it’s fun to see what kind of wheels the pros put on their pumpkins. Be sure to get there before 11a because that’s when the races start. We can’t wait to see you all there!