Enjoy a Cupid’s Connection in Cloudcroft for Valentine’s Day

February 2, 2015

Have you already made plans for Valentine’s Day? Will this be another year with you going to out to dinner at a crowded restaurant for an over-priced meal with a hundred other couples?

Instead, you could whisk your special loved one off on a beautiful, romantic getaway to the mountains of New Mexico. This year, Feb. 14 (Valentine’s Day) falls on a Saturday, making it perfect for a romantic weekend getaway."valentine's day" cloudcroft "new mexico romanic getaway

Rent a Room with a View

Spend a romantic weekend in Lonestar Cabin, a rustic two-bedroom cabin that overlooks the Lincoln National Forest. It is also within walking distance to downtown Cloudcroft. Minimum stay: Two nights.

Take a look at A Wonderful Place, Hawk’s Roost and other cozy vacation cabins for rent. Just imagine drinking champagne and eating chocolate-covered strawberries on the patio with a mountain view. Now that’s romantic!

For Nature Lovers Only

Cloudcroft is just a few minutes away from some of New Mexico’s most scenic views. Nature lovers can take a hike in the Lincoln National Forest or from the fascinating White Sands National Monument to Cloudcroft’s historic Mexico Canyon Trestle. You can fall in love with nature and each other all over again.

Contact Amigo Realty to book your vacation rental in time for Valentine’s Day.

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