New Mexico’s Natural Beauty

February 1, 2013

"new mexico" spring vacation cloudcroftAs much as we love winter here in Cloudcroft, we’re always glad to see spring when it finally starts to come alive in March. If you’re a nature lover, Cloudcroft and the surrounding Sacramento Mountains area of Southern New Mexico are simply spectacular in spring, exploding in a riot of birdsong and color. It’s part of why all of us at Amigo Realty love our job—getting folks closer to New Mexico’s natural beauty is one of our passions.

One of the most beautiful places near Cloudcroft is the waterfall at Bluff Springs. Found amid the meadows surrounding Willie White Spur Trail, the Bluff Spring waterfall’s natural appeal is only matched by the serenity you experience from "bluff springs" "new mexico" vacation cloudcroftsoaking in the sun and listening to the water rush over the bluff. Fed by mountain snow runoff, the Bluff Springs waterfall runs all summer long. It’s a great spot for a break from your hiking adventure, and there are picnic benches overlooking the falls if you’ve brought a lunch (just please please please remember to leave the little park area the way you found it).

Is it too early to be thinking about the spring and summer? Maybe it just depends on how much you like winter. Regardless of the season, Bluff Springs is just one of many natural treasures hidden in Southern New Mexico. If you’d like to spend some time hunting for them, talk to us about a place to stay!