Mountain Biking in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

September 28, 2012

"mountain bike" mountains "new mexico" vacationLet’s say you’re thinking about planning a little New Mexico mountain vacation—renting a vacation cabin, sitting on the deck, maybe eating at a local restaurant… but what else? If you don’t live in Cloudcroft, you might wonder what there is to do in a little mountain village in southern New Mexico, besides look at some beautiful scenery and browse some fun boutiques. Well, of course there are some great hiking trails, and horseback riding, and you can also play golf at the Lodge Resort, but if you’re looking for a little excitement, Cloudcroft is close to a lot of great mountain biking run.

You’ll find eight trails that are nearby, ranging in skill level from super-easy to advanced; most of the eight are good for intermediate riders. Pumphouse Ridge, for example, is great for anyone who’s never tried the sport before, and if that’s you, you’ll want to save the High Altitude Racing Loop for "high altitude" cloudcroft vacation "mountain bike"when you’re a lot more experienced. Wills Canyon is another popular easy ride, and the Rim Trail is about thirty-two miles of some cool switchbacks and down-hill cruises that are great for the journeyman biker.

A great resource for mountain biking in Cloudcroft is the High Altitude Bike Shop. It has a ton of great gear for sale or rent, plus it offers regular riding groups, depending on the season. The folks at High Altitude can also set you up with disc golf supplies, too!

A Cloudcroft vacation is great for relaxing, but if you’re the type who doesn’t like to sit still for too long, you’ll find some thrills here, too. Call us if you’d like to rent a cabin and do some riding this fall!