Plan Your Fall New Mexico Mountain Vacation

September 11, 2012

Well, did you have a good Labor Day weekend? We had a blast at the downtown fiesta—the outhouse races were a total hoot. If there’s one thing we love about Cloudcroft (and there are, in fact, many things), it’s the community events that get everyone out of the house and interacting with the rest of the town; this weekend, we have another one that’s sure to bring lots of laughs and fun times. On "lumberjack day" cloudcroft "new mexico"Saturday, September 15, Cloudcroft comes out for Lumberjack Day.

Lumberjack Day is one of the most entertaining happenings you can see in Cloudcroft (or anywhere else for that matter). With events ranging from men’s and women’s axe throwing to a variety of chopping competitions, Cloudcroft Lumberjack Day is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday. While competitive in nature, the contests are outlandish enough to draw your attention so that the feats performed can keep you riveted. Mountain men chunking axes at targets? Where else besides a Game of Thrones episode can you watch something like that?

Over in Ruidoso, rev up your engines! It’s time for the Golden Aspen Motorcycle Rally. Riders will enjoy 5 different poker runs/tours, Bike Judging, Free Meals, plus a chances to win a New Harley-Davidson!"golden aspen" ruidoso "bike ralley" "new mexico"

Cloudcroft’s Chamber of Commerce website updates its calendar pretty regularly, so if you’re looking to spend a weekend away, you can plan your New Mexico mountain vacation according to whatever we have going on in a given month. Or not—even if nobody is tossing a log over their shoulder or racing to saw something in half, a Cloudcroft staycation is a great way to unwind; not matter where you go, you’ll meet the locals, so book a rental and introduce yourself. We’re glad to meet you, perhaps during the standing block chop on Saturday.