Spring is in Full Swing in the Mountains

April 8, 2012

"hummingbird" cloudcroft new mexicoOne of my favorite things about the small-town life in mountain country is the wildlife, and now that spring is in swing, the birds, bees, bugs and everything else that’s been hiding out all winter are all busy living. Heading to the mountains amid all that beautiful flora and fauna is a great way to relax and recharge, and if you’re a bird watcher, Cloudcroft is a haven for your hobby.

New Mexico has over 520 different species of birds, and you can find many of them in and around Cloudcroft. From grosbeaks finches to warblers to pygmy nuthatch robins, Cloudcroft practically rings with birdsong. It also hums with the tiny wings of hummingbirds—these brightly colored little guys are all over the place, and if you don’t have a feeder or some flowers near your window, you’re really missing out on a lot of visits from some beautiful birds. Our friends at The Bird House have some cute bird houses, and they’re pretty easy to make on your own—in fact, building a bird "the bird house" cloudcroft new mexico birdshouse makes for a fun family project, especially if you’re spending a weekend or week at a vacation cabin with the kids or grandkids. When you live and play in a small town, the little things are what really make it worth it, whether it’s the buzz of bees in a flower garden or the flashy aerobatics of a hummingbird at your window. Come visit Cloudcroft and see how nature makes our little town such a great little secret!